Our mission: Sunbury Neighbourhood House strives to connect people in the Sunbury area to each other and their neighbourhoods by providing inclusive and accessible community focused, community driven and community facilitated courses. workshops, programs and social events in a welcoming and fun environment. is to provide a welcoming place for our community to meet, learn, share ideas, skills and resources in a friendly, safe and inclusive environment.

Our Values: We endeavor to:

  • be honest and trustworthy in our interactions with the people we encounter as part of the SNH community
  • offer a safe, inclusive and caring place where people want to be
  • practice compassion and respect when dealing with people accessing our services and programs

Our Goals:

1) Ensuring continuing high standards of governance and maintain financial viability of the Neighbourhood House for the benefit of the community and to support the community engagement and connectedness aspirations of the Sunbury Neighbourhood House

2) Increase connection with our local community

3) Ensure outstanding support and connectedness of Sunbury Neighbourhood House volunteers and staff

4) Provide quality programs that are attractive, inclusive and accessible to all members of the community

5) Increase visibility of the Sunbury Neighbourhood House to the community

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